Im back!! (sorda)

Hey guys! I just got back from a massive vacation! I went to London! I saw the mona Lisa, La Venus De Milo at the Louve! ( i was in Paris for a day) and I saw everything to the Tower of London to Maddam Tussards! It was amazing!

Well I probably missed a whole BUNCH of updates! My computer broke….. Viruses and wont start up! ITs being not smart… Whats that word? Dumb? Well Ill start updating my blog as soon as the next update is available, but that screen on the PLanet Cazmo log in page is amazing! Great Job PC! 😛


~~mEtAlIcA~~ (I loved london Its expensive though!!)


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Im pretty sure he was! :O


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I have some secret stuff for uuuuu


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Ambassador Page!

Hey guys! The most up-to-date ambassador page on any website/blog is here! It tells you the name of ALL current ambassadors as of today! So check it out! If your an ambassador and you know you should be up there just leave a comment on that page! It took me some two hours to do that, so hope you like it!

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Updates here!

Hey guys! The updates are here! Check out the awesome beach party, the kick butt new shop, and the new Jersey! I wonder when the floaties are coming?? Any ideas??? Im so pumped get ready for an awesome beach party!

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Planet Cazmo Is updatingggg!!

Im So excited for this weeks updates! I wonder what they will be! 😛 Gir contest entrys in….. Ill give two more days for entrys 😀 So far only 2 people have entered

Baniiiiii & Sci 😛

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My New Twitter will AUTOMATICALLY update your site!

Hey guys! I made a twitter that will automatically update your site for you! If you have to leave, or are just to lazy, just take the code for my newest twitter and put it on the newest post and it will automatically update it for you! The link is:

Make sure you give me credit, and I didnt steal this idea from anyone.. Actually i havent even found anyone with an idea thats even close to mine! 😀 It will update every time theres an update, and automatically update every friday! 😉


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